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Array of Services

We offer an array of services for your beauty concerns including lasers for your skin, hair and veins, dermal fillers, Botox® Cosmetic, fat reduction and improvements for your overall anti-aging concerns. We stress privacy, education, comfort, safety, and the importance of the doctor-patient relationship. We are a small, boutique type practice which means you are seen one-on-one with very little contact with other patients.

Optimum Results

Your experience here always begins with a consultation done by Dr. Mozdy, who is the most experienced practitioner in the area. She has been doing aesthetic medicine for the past 17 years. She does a careful evaluation to determine your individual problems, develops a treatment plan and then discusses these treatment options to fit your needs, desires and budget. We have researched many of the available options and have personally used and experienced them ourselves. Our goal for each patient is optimum, long-lasting results!

Ageless Beauty

What Would You Like to Change?

+ Uneven complexion
+ Loose, sagging skin
+ Lines and wrinkles
+ Thin lips
+ Unsightly veins on the face
+ Unwanted hair
+ Age and sun spots
+ Thin, short eyelashes
+ Scars