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Integrative Med-Spa Botox and Fillers
Wrinkle relaxers (Botox Cosmetics & Xeomin) are minimally invasive injections that smooth out wrinkles caused by excessive muscle contraction. Dr Mozdy aims to achieve a very natural look, not frozen or fake.

We believe that these therapies are about much more than your external appearance and "vanity." They improve how you feel about yourself and the image you portray to others. No one’s face should be expressing emotions that they aren’t feeling. We frequently hear: "Everyone thinks I am sad/angry/worried, but I don’t feel that way," or "I can’t stand looking in the mirror anymore."

At the Integrative Med-Spa, we aim to help you achieve your True Beauty- a state where your face expresses the emotions you really feel, you project confidence, and you like to look in the mirror again.

Wrinkle Relaxers, Botox CosmeticBotox

Injection of the wrinkle relaxer Botox Cosmetic made by Allergan is the most commonly performed, non-surgical, aesthetic procedure done today. It is simple, safe, effective and is always administered by a physician at our Med-Spa. A few relatively painless, quick, tiny injections are done in precisely targeted areas after you have been screened as a good candidate.

Botox has just been recently FDA approved for the treatment of crows feet.

Wrinkle Relaxers, XeominXeomin

Xeomin is the wrinkle relaxer made by Merz Aesthetics. Dr Mozdy uses Xeomin as a Botox alternative and to offer her patients another option. It is a slightly different molecule that differs from Botox because it is free from complexing proteins, but it works by the same mechanism.

Both Xeomin & Botox are very safe when used by experienced, trustworthy doctors. Dr. Mozdy as an anesthesiologist is an expert in the use of injections and muscle blockers, which is why her aesthetic techniques are so advanced. She uses individualized doses to give you a natural, not frozen look.

Dr. Mozdy is also experienced in advanced techniques to treat chronic headaches, facial asymmetries, and lower face & neck wrinkles.

Dr. Mozdy's Signature Liquid-and-Laser LiftDr Mozdy’s Signature "Liquid-and-Laser Lift"

Dr Mozdy has developed her own “Liquid-and-Laser Lift” which is a nonsurgical procedure that artfully combines fillers, Botox & lasers. She works closely with each patient, asking key questions to clearly define expectations and explains treatment options. Then takes photos to document facial features & creates facial drawings for each treatment plan. The Liquid-and-Laser Lift restores facial volume, reduces wrinkles, & recaptures a youthful and vibrant appearance, without the costs, risks, and recovery time involved in an invasive surgical facelift.
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